High pressure metrology for industrial applications

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High pressure metrology for industrial applications

Pressures up to 1.5 GPa are used in high-pressure technologies in GENERAL ENGINEERING, AUTOMOTIVE, PETROCHEMICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL and FOOD industries.

EXAMPLE 1: Fuel injection

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EXAMPLE 2: Water jet cutting

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EXAMPLE 3: High-pressure food sterilisation

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Worldwide only China, India and Russia have primary pressure standards above 1 GPa. EUROPEAN PRIMARY STANDARDS ARE LIMITED BY 1 GPa.
Such situation had to be solved:

EMRP IND 01 "High pressure metrology for industrial applications".

- The project was funded by European Metrology research Programme.
- The project enabled cooperation of European high pressure metrology laboratories and companies.
- The duration of the project was from October 2011 to September 2014.